Things Not to Pack in the Moving Truck

So, it’s time for your big move and you have decided to get a moving truck to transport all of your stuff. Loading the moving truck can really be hectic and at some point, you might get tempted to just load all of your stuff onto the truck and get it all done with. This shouldn’t be the case as there are certain items that should not be packed into a moving truck. Below is a list of things you shouldn’t pack that would help you to stay efficient with your packing and avoid unwanted eventualities during and after your move.


Old Items

It might be a bit difficult to let go of most of the old stuff but it is actually better to let them go and not include them with items to be packed or loaded onto the truck. To make this a bit easier, you could have a garage sale to get rid of everything you do not need before you move. Any other old stuff left after that could easily be donated.

Let Go of Old Stuff

Guns, Ammunitions & Explosives

If you’re a hunter or firearm enthusiast, you would probably value your guns, ammo and other hunting equipment and won’t want them hared or lost in the process of your move. Above all else, you should be intentional about keeping yourself and other people safe too. Comply with the state and federal laws pertaining to the transport of firearms and ammunition and don’t just throw them in with all the other stuff to be moved.



High-value items should never be tossed or handed over to movers when you’re loading the moving truck. If you have expensive jewelry, collectibles or precious metals that cannot be replaced easily, it’s in your best interest to pack them yourself and leave them out of the moving truck. Better safe than sorry, right?

Storage of Valuables and Cash


You should try as much as possible to consume, share or donate food items before moving day. Most movers would object to loading packages that would require special attention, this is especially true for perishable food items. Chances are, you might want to bring with you a few unopened, non-perishable food items. If this is the case, ensure that they are tightly sealed and secure them in ziplock bags to prevent spills and leaks. As much as you can, try to move these yourself and not just dump them into the moving truck.


Dangerous Chemicals & Materials

Many chemicals have properties that cause them to be highly flammable and combustible. Items such as insecticide sprays, cleansing materials and others with low ignition temperatures can blow up easily considering the amount of heat moving trucks can absorb over time during transport. Corrosive chemicals should also be avoided too as they can come in contact with other items in the moving truck and have adverse effects on them.

Man Reaching in his Utility Closet for Broom 

A satisfactory and happy move usually begins with a safe start, if you can avoid packing all of the aforementioned stuff in the moving truck, you should be fine and enjoy a stress and hassle-free move.