The Top Security Trends of April 2019

Every month there are new and hot technologies that are at the top of every list. When it comes to security, you always want the newest and best technology to help protect your home and family. We just came back from the International Security Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, the largest security industry trade show in the U.S. and here are some of the top trends that we spotted.

Mobile App Control

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. They’ve become essential to our daily lives and extremely helpful. The most prominent trend we saw was mobile app abilities for all security features. Whether it was security cameras that transmitted feeds wirelessly to the user’s smartphone or security systems that could be enabled and disabled with a tap of the screen, it was very clear that mobile app control was a trend that was everywhere and wouldn’t be going away any time soon.

Mobile App Control Smart Lock

Kid Friendly Features

When it comes to security, protecting your family is at the top of our list. Kids are often at the center of our family and so precious to you. Oftentimes however, security features are complicated and not kid friendly. Now, many security companies are designing apps and features to be simple, so that kids can understand how to use them. Kids of course aren’t allowed to have full control of certain features but have access to the important ones that allow them to secure themselves at home.

Kid Friendly Features

Neighborhood Alerts

Many security companies are implementing a tech savvy version of the old neighborhood watch. When your neighbors report suspicious activity, you can be alerted to it as well. This way you can monitor what’s going on in your neighborhood and take the necessary precautions—whether it’s bringing your pets inside to guard against roaming wild animals or requiring signature upon delivery for packages to protect against porch pirates. For security camera systems, neighbors can even upload video. This technology helps make great neighbors and protects everyone in the end.

This is a Louisville. Block Warch Neighborhood Sign

Smart Assistant Integration

It’s amazing how much smart assistants can do. They can play music, remind you about appointments, control your thermostat, and even secure your home. The Lockly Secure Pro is now compatible to be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With simply your voice, you can see if your door is open and lock and unlock your doors. No more forgetting to lock the door and having to get out of your warm comfy bed to go lock it. Just say the words and Amazon Alexa or Google Home will do it for you. Everything in your home can now work perfectly and seamlessly together to make your life simplified and more comfortable.

Smart Assistant Integration


There are always new technologies popping up that can benefit you and your family. Keep an eye out for the best trends and they will help you feel secure and safe, and in the long run, make your life more convenient. Get a Lockly Secure Pro today to take advantage of the newest and hottest technology out there.