Smart Technologies That Every Future Home Will Have

Are you a fan of sci-fi movies? There’s no doubt you’ve been dreaming of having a futuristic home where total control is at your fingertips. Not only are smart technologies for the home incredibly cool, but they also bring great convenience to daily life activities.

The thing that may surprise you is that many futuristic smart technologies already exist! Here are a few smart technologies that are already in reality, not just in movies. We predict that these are the technologies that every home will have in the future:

Smart Toilets

While smart toilets are a relatively new idea to us, they’ve been extremely popular and widespread in Japan. Smart toilets can offer automated flushing, heated seats, deodorizers, and a bidet wash. There are also toilets that can perform urinalysis right on the spot. This can help those at risk keep a monitor on their health, checking for things like kidney issues or diabetes. Smart toilets aren’t just for your convenience—they can also keep you updated on your health condition.

Smart Toilets
Image credit: photoeverywhere

Smart Lock

Security at home will always be the top priority of every homeowner. With a smart lock, you have the best opportunity to ensure the security of your family and your property.

Control and Monitor a Lockly Smart Lock via Lockly App

Lockly offers the safest and most advanced smart lock that will put you at significant peace of mind even you are not at home. It provides an ease of access and protection for your properties with the help of your smartphone. You have the ability to monitor your door access from anywhere, at any time. This smart technology serves as an outstanding investment to complete security.

Smart Thermostat

Always forgetting to turn off the heater or air conditioning when you’re not home, wasting energy, and running up your utilities bill? Smart thermostats are the answer, letting you control your heating and cooling system with the use of a smartphone, tablet, or other internet connected device. You can even prep your house to your desired temperature before arriving home, ensuring maximum comfort.

Nest Labs Home Automation Thermostats and Security System

Smart Appliances

Home appliances have always offered the convenience of helping with household chores performed the fastest, most hands-off way possible. What more can a smart appliance offer? Now, with the available technologies, home appliances can be controlled via smartphone, just like the rest of your house. There are smart grills that will automatically adjust temperature and time based on the recipe selected and smart refrigerators that will alert you and create grocery lists for items that are running low, so you’ll never have to run out of milk again.

Fridge Full of Foods and Drinks

When it comes to smart technologies, you can put your trust to Lockly. We are highly committed to providing complete safety and security. If you want to live in a smart world, trust Lockly and we will give you what you deserve.