Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

Holidays are the best season to travel and visit other places. It’s no wonder why there’s a spike in Airbnb rentals and visiting family members from out of town. Whether you’re expecting a relative or a traveling guest, your biggest concern is how to prepare your home. Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as you think.

Here are some effective steps listed below:

  • Put Away Valuable or Breakable Things

Whenever you have guests in your home, it’s best to put away valuable or breakable things. Things can get lost or broken, especially if your guests have children or pets. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also clear room for your incoming guests. Make sure all amenities are available, from a comfy bed, clean couch, functional air conditioning or heating, to bright lighting.

A week before your guest’s arrival, clean your vacant room. Don’t forget to provide freshly laundered bedsheets for their comfort. Arrange the room well for convenience. You want to make your place feel like a home away from home. For Airbnb hosts, quality service boosts your chances of high referrals. Perhaps, you can double the number of traveling guests in the future.

View of a Bedroom Room Across a Big Double Bed

  • Provide Basic Toiletries

As a host, you want to offer the best service for your guests. Travelers explore the world to have fun. They often only bring the most important things or are limited by new travel regulations on luggage or liquids size. As a good host, it’s a great idea to provide basic toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and clean towels. These items contribute to their optimal comfort throughout their stay.

Man Putting Toothpaste on a Toothbrush

You can also ask traveling guests if they need other stuff. Be friendly and welcoming. Treat them like a family for satisfaction. A high-quality Airbnb rental is not enough without approachable people. Be amicable and sociable. That way, you can have repeat clients and earn huge profits.

  • Install a Smart Lock

Comfort does not suffice a hassle-free Airbnb rental. It goes beyond a clean room, comfy beds, and complete amenities. Safety plays a vital role in a great travel experience. For years, homeowners, apartments, or condos only utilized traditional door locks for security purposes. But there’s another trend today – a smart lock.

Lockly Smart Lock Installed on a Room Door

You may not always be home at the time your guests are arriving. Lockly allows you to text your guests a user specific eKey so they can enter without needing your presence. This code can be set to automatically expire after their stay is over. You will no longer have to worry about lost keys that result in changing out your entire lock. It will also enable you to have a record of when they enter. Lockly can automatically lock as soon as 5 seconds or up to 5 minutes after it has been opened, so you will never have to worry about your guests forgetting to lock the front door.

A smart lock will let your guests enter your home with ease and add security and safety to your home.