Most Common Entry Points for Burglars and How to Protect Them

A lot of people presume that they will never experience a break-in and few of them take the threat badly enough to take extra measures. However, it’s essential to take preemptive steps, as break-ins can happen and can be a very traumatic experience.

Even though movies depict burglary as being well planned and daring, most are fast and simple, many are crimes of opportunity. There are thieves with the audacity and courage to enter homes, usually through these four common entry points.

1. Front Door

It might be surprising to know that an intruder would have the nerve to enter your property by just walking in the front door. However, this is often the case. Unlocked front door makes an easy target, but even locked door presents a little issue, seasoned thieves know all the typical hiding places for spare keys, it doesn’t matter if it is under your doormat, garden ornament or flowerpot. Most of the time, thieves don’t even bother using a key, they have equipment able to bypass lock or will kick down a door or break a glass panel to gain entry.

Digital Deadbolt Door Handle

  • How to Keep Your Front Door Safe:

To enhance the safety of your front door, it is advisable to install a smart lock. Lockly smart lock replaces the standard lock with an electronic device, powered by a battery, and can be locked and unlocked using our Lockly app, numeric touchscreen keypad, and on some models, a fingerprint sensor. With a possible one million numeric number combination choices, a thief will never crack the code. Lockly also has an auto-lock feature so you’ll never accidentally leave your front door unlocked again.

2. Second Floor Balcony

Many people mistakenly think that they don’t need to secure second floor entry points, but a quick climb is no deterrent to a determined thief, especially when an open second floor balcony door is available. Sliding glass doors, even when closed, can also be susceptible as the glass can be smashed and the locking mechanism is usually flimsy.

  • How to Keep Your Second Floor Balcony Safe:

Make sure you lock all doors each time you leave home, even on the second floor. Cut away tree branches that are too close to your balcony—don’t give thieves an easy way up! Install motion sensors lights on the balcony to deter burglars and cameras to monitor.

3. Windows

This is considered the most fragile entry point in many homes. Sad to say, the sound of smashing glass rarely gets the attention of neighbors or passersby. A lot of homeowners ignore any sound if it just occurs once.

Opened Window and a Curtain Blown by the Air

  • How to Keep Your Windows Safe :

Before leaving your home, close all curtains, as to not give would-be thieves and burglars a wide open view of your valuables. The best way to protect windows is setting up a home alarm system with window sensors that detect when windows are opened and room sensors for intruders in the home.

4. Garages

A garge that is connected to your house can be a easy target for burglars to gain access to your home. A lot of times we don’t wait for the garage door to close all the way before driving away, giving crooks the chance to easily slip inside. When the garage door is closed, a lot of people don’t lock the door to the house from the garage, another easy access point.

Driveway Motion Security Light

  • How to Keep Your Garage Safe :

Always make sure your garage door is securely shut before driving away—it’s only a few extra seconds! If your garage has windows, frost them to keep intruders from seeing inside. Always lock the door between the house and the garage. If the extra step of unlocking this door seems a burden, consider a Lockly with a fingerprint sensor for quick entry. If leaving for an extended period of time, consider padlocking the garage door.


Taking some precautionary measures will always be the smart way to keep your property safe and sound from invasion. Alarm systems, video cameras, motion sensor lights, and smart locks are all ways to boost the security of your home and keep your love ones and property safe.