Mind-Blowing Ways to Use a Magic Eraser

A clean and stain-free home is what you’ve always wanted. The mess that your kids and your loved ones made are always left for you to clean. Well, that’s an easy task if you have the right tools and equipment. Cleaning could be done easily, conveniently, and in no time. Have you heard about the Magic Eraser?

The Magic Eraser is one of the most popular and trendy cleaners available today. It is a cleaning product made of high-quality melamine foam that is totally exceptional when it comes to quality and effectiveness. In the past, this material was used as a soundproofing and insulation material. But now with technology, it is now used to make this Magic Eraser.

The Magic Eraser is very easy to use, and it leaves the surface clean and smooth. The material has a microstructure that allows it to be sturdy and gentle at the same time. It can clean the stains and leave no scratches. It works like a very fine scrub or sandpaper. It can surely remove the stains that you are always worried about.

Do you want to know the mind-blowing ways to use the Magic Eraser? Here are the list of things where you can use the Magic Eraser to prove its efficiency:

  1. Removes Permanent Marker

The markings and doodles that your kids made using a permanent marker can still be cleaned and erased. No big repaint job is needed. All you need to have is the Magic Eraser.

Sharpie Permanent Markers

  1. Removes Bottle Labels

If you want to reuse bottles for your crafts and other purposes in the kitchen, you need to take off the labels. You can do this simply by wetting the Magic Eraser with water and scrubbing the labels away.

  1. Refresh the Whites of Your Sneakers

The rubber part of your sneakers is exposed to various kind of dirt that will eventually become hard to remove. Cleaning it with soap and water is not enough. You need a Magic Eraser to transform it back to its original color. It can restore the clean color of the rubber making your sneakers look new again.

Friends Wearing a Converse Sole Sneaker

  1. Cleaning the Oven Glass Door

The oven glass door is prone to getting dirty especially if you bake a lot. Grease and other food splatters will gunk up your oven and make it so you can’t look through the glass door. Instead of scrubbing for hours, wipe away excess food particles or crumbs with a paper towel, then wet your Magic Eraser and swipe away!

  1. Scuff on the Walls and Baseboards

The wall easily gets dirty especially if you have toddlers. They will make a mess, draw stuff, and doodle around. The baseboard, on the other hand, is prone to accumulating dirt and dust. You can clean both of these by simply wiping the Magic Eraser gently on the area that needs to be cleaned and made stain-free.

Scuff on the Walls and Baseboards

The Magic Eraser have very vast and varied use. It is a useful cleaning tool that you should have at home. Make sure to get one for yourself today so that your everyday chores can be done with ease and no sweat.