Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

In just a matter of days, it will be Christmas! But, are you done with your holiday decorations? If not, there are several last-minute holiday decorations you can try.

You can do all of these decorating activities with your loved ones. Not only will you be making your space more creative and attractive, you will also be spending quality time bonding with your family. Holiday decorations can be even more meaningful when created with effort and teamwork.

Crafting a Wreath with a Glue Gun

You still have time! Try the following decoration ideas to spruce up your home at the very last minute:

Spray Paint Old Decorations

When you only have a few days left until Christmas, spray painting old decorations is an extremely fast, yet personal DIY way of sprucing up your home. All you need is a few cans of spray paint, some newspapers or cardboard to keep the floors clean, a well-ventilated space with face masks, and your old holiday decorations. By doing so, you are giving new life to the decorations as if they are brand new. And most importantly, you save a great amount of money.

When doing spray paint on old decorations, you just have to bring out your creativity. Pick different shades of the same color to bring out a specific color scheme, or bring some glitz and glam to your decorations with metallic or glitter spray paint. It can be great fun deciding on a theme with your entire family.

Spruce Up Cheap Garlands

Do you love the greenery that garlands provide in the home but are shocked at how much pre-made decorative ones can cost? Then, dress up cheap garlands and show your creative side.

Cheap Garlands for Christmas and Holidays

You can try using creative items such as ribbons, pine cones, ornaments, small candy canes, or even Christmas lights to spruce up your garlands. Many Christmas tree sellers will gladly give you free leftover trimmings from trees, which you can use to add onto artificial garlands for variety and volume.

Form garlands into a circle and add a bow for a quick and easy Christmas wreath that will transform your front door.

Just feel free to decorate the garlands, the more you put your personal touch on it, the more you give meaning to it.

Display Holiday Cards

The holiday season would not be complete with holiday cards. The love and sentiment held within each card makes it extremely meaningful, timeless, and classic. Christmas cards give you the best chance to express your love and gratitude to your loved ones.

When it comes to last-minute holiday decorations, you can bring holiday cards to the next level. These beautiful cards can be used as part of your displays. Use some string and clips, hanging the holiday cards up on the string and then adhering the string to the wall. This looks best above the fireplace. You can even add ribbons or other decorations to the string between the cards.

Christmas Gift Cards

Before the Christmas Eve arrives, you can also hang up cards for you loved ones, for them to read on Christmas Day. Then, it can be in the form of both decoration and gift.

Cut Paper Snowflakes

A white Christmas themed decoration would not be complete without snowflakes. Instead of purchasing plastic or metal snowflakes, you can just cut out paper snowflakes. Take a piece of square paper, fold diagonally so that it forms a triangle. Fold in half again, and then into thirds. Cut off the top (the edge with all the folds). Then, get creative! Cut into the remaining shape to make a unique snowflake! After that, you can sprinkle some glitter to make it even more festive.

Paper Snowflakes Decorations

These quick and easy decorations will give your home a holiday atmosphere!