How to Transform Your Home with Accent Walls

Painting a room is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to redesign your home. Sometimes though, painting all walls can be a little too much especially if you use a bold color. In that case, you may want to use that paint instead for an accent wall. An accent wall would be an excellent way to add a pop to any room, quick and easy.

Accent Walls Draw Focus to a Particular Space

Accent walls are an excellent way to draw focus to a specific space or part of a room. It is a quick and easy way you can add interest to an area, creating a focal point that will serve as the center of your room redesigning project. An accent wall as the focal point means that space will be the first thing that anyone who comes into the room will notice.

Stylish Bedroom's Accent Walls

Accent Walls Can Section Off Areas Just Like Rugs

If you are looking for a way to break up a room without the need for a new construction, an accent wall can do just that. It is the perfect way to section off areas, especially large rooms with over four corners. You can paint every wall in different colors on each end with an accent wall to separate them. Of course, you have to consider other things before doing this, but accent walls can do the trick.

Contrasting with Your Furniture is Good

By creating an accent wall, you can highlight or hide a feature of a room such as a furniture. You can use an accent wall to contrast your furniture, which can serve as a great way to bring out is features. When you paint the right color, you can create a contrast that can make your room look brighter.

Add Bold Color Accent Wall to Add Color without Overwhelming the Room

If there is a bold color you would like to paint on the walls of your room, you can try it out. However, many are a bit afraid of trying a loud color, especially for the whole place. With an accent wall, you can achieve the color and character you want without overwhelming your room. Even better, accent walls  need no painting anymore so you can stop worrying that you’ll ruin your walls.

Bedroom's Bold Color Accent Wall

Use Wallpaper for Quick and Easy Way to Do an Accent

When it comes to accent walls, the easiest and quickest way you can do that is by using wallpaper. You can choose wallpaper with vibrant color and texture for an accent wall that complements your room. An advantage of wallpaper is there are plenty of options to use, and they are easy to apply. Adhesive wallpapers are now available, which you can easily stick onto for an accent wall.

Woman Lying Down on her Bed in Sobro Guest House

There it is. You can choose to paint a wall, use wallpaper or even wood planks or textured panels. The important thing here is to listen to your instinct. If an accent wall doesn’t sit with you, it is okay not to do anything. But you don’t have to shy away from accent walls if someone told you they’re not great because when you do it right, it can be an empowering home design.