How to Improve Your Pet’s Life Quality of Life

A pet owner’s biggest dream is to have happy, cute, and healthy pets. Of course, you know that they need comfortable shelter and food. Other than that, love, time, and attention are important. Everyone wants to improve their pets’ lives. Keep reading to find more information on how to really treat your dogs, cats, or other family critters to the lives they deserve.

Select the Right Food

Responsible pet ownership goes beyond a comfy shelter. You want to make sure you provide good food for your pet. Choose brands that are of high-quality and packed with enough nutrients. Opt for an option with vitamins and minerals. It should also have a flavorful and delicious taste to boost appetite.

Dog Eating his Food

As with other stuff, it’s tough to select the best solution. With the growing number of options, it’s no wonder why pet owners encounter a hard time. Just direct your attention to the one from a reliable manufacturer. Take care to read the list of ingredients and learn what each means. Some pets, though not all, may benefit from a grain free diet. Invest your money on a food that strengthens their immune system, enhances fur, develops digestion, promotes strong bones, leads to muscle gains, etc.

Look for an Association of American Feed Control Officials nutritional adequacy statement that tells you what type of pet the food is best suited for, whether it be a young or senior pet.

Provide Lots of Toys

Toys may seem that important but they play a vital role in pet’s quality of life. As with kids’ toys, items for pets have many benefits to offer. Not only can they relieve boredom, provide mental stimulation, discourage destructive behavior, offer an outlet for physical energy, encourage socialization, exercise jaw muscles, promote dental health, but they also create great bonding moments between pets and owners.

Just like pet foods, there’s a variety of toys to pick. Of course, you want to choose what best suits your pet. For aggressive chewers and teething puppies, tough rubber chewable toys are good to go. For pets with a high level of energy, activity toys are awesome. For those who need mental stimulation, educational toys are an amazing option. Toys with squeakers may not be suitable for pets that are frightened by unfamiliar noises or if you’re trying to get some peace and quiet.

Cat Playing with her Fish Toy

For safety purposes, read product labels, watch your pet at play, and use a durable toy to withstand chewing strength. Eliminate stuff with small parts. They can break off and be ingested, resulting in potential risks.

Install a Smart Lock

Unfortunately, you can’t always be at home with your pet. You may have work during the day or may have to travel out of town for a day or two. So, your biggest concern is who will take good care of your pet while you are gone. With a smart lock, you can leave your pet at home in the care of a pet sitter or dog walker without having to board them in a strange unfamiliar place.

Happy Dog Taking a Walk with his Owner

With Lockly, a trusted pet sitter or dog walker of your choosing can enter your home without using a physical key. Whenever they enter and leave your house or apartment, the lock will record the event. You can change the code at any time without having replace the lock. Now your pets will never have to be home alone all day and you won’t have to worry about finding an expensive kennel or pet hotel.