How Does a Fingerprint Door Lock Work?

Fingerprint door locks scan the fingerprint of a person to open the door, rather than using a key. Since fingerprints are unique to each person, this biometric method of entry is both more secure and more efficient than keys, too.

For the door lock to work, you first have to enter your fingerprint data. Once done, the door will check your fingerprint with saved data every time someone enters. If the fingerprint is a match, the door opens. These security checks happen instantly. They are so fast, in fact, that opening a door with your fingerprint is faster than opening a door with a key. 

Our fingerprint door locks use the Minutia matching process. There are multiple Minutia points within your fingerpads. These points are unique for everyone, which means there's no way to fake a fingerprint and gain access. Don't worry, though, because you can store multiple fingerprints so that everyone in your family has secure access to your home.

fingerprint smart door lock

How Safe are Fingerprint Door Locks? 

Today, fingerprint locks are everywhere. This proves the level of safety they provide for homes, offices, and other establishments. If installed and programmed correctly, fingerprint door locks can far surpass the security of typical keyed locks. 

What's more, because fingerprint door locks are connected to the internet, security admins can detect forced entry, entry history, and any other activity. Plus you can control the lock from anywhere using your smartphone.


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