Great Practical Gifts for Mother's Day

Mothers are our caretakers, our guardian angels, our confidants, and our biggest supporters from the day we are born. There are many people who may come into our lives but nobody can take a mother’s place—mothers are simply irreplaceable. They deserve to be celebrated every day of their lives. Everyone should endeavor to shower their moms with love and appreciation at every given opportunity. 

Mother and Daughter Photo

Mother’s Day is a great time to further show mothers that we truly care about them. We’ve curated a list of great practical gifts you could get for your mom when Mother’s Day comes around.



Smart watches have become more popular and fashionable over the past few years, as well as incredibly intuitive and useful. You can get smart watches with sleek, chic and feminine designs. Many of these smart watches are compatible with smart phones and are built with a wide range of functions such as the tracking of a range of activities including walking, running, sit-ups and push-ups. They could also come in handy with notifications on messages, phone calls, and upcoming events. Definitely one for busy moms who want their technology to be hands free.

Smart Watch for Mother



Fresh herbs are always great additions to any meal. They are healthy, taste great and can be easily cultivated on kitchen countertops or windowsills. Be sure to know what herbs your mother uses the most before gifting her an herb garden. If you’re in doubt, you could include the most commonly used ones like basil, mint, thyme, sage and parsley. Get beautiful pots to house the herbs so that your mom can get the best of both worlds in beauty and taste.



Mothers worry quite a lot and how wonderful would it be to erase one of their numerous worries. A Lockly Smart Lock is the perfect solution to creating security for the home. Grant your mother the peace of mind that the home she desires to secure is truly safe with Lockly. With the ability to control and monitor door access from absolutely anywhere from your mobile phone, security truly has never been this easy.

Lockly Smart Lock for Mother


How awesome would it be if we could be there all the time to relieve our mothers all the chores they have to do in the house? Robotic vacuum cleaners are a great, stress-free way to get the house cleaning chore done. These robots can be programmed to automatically clean entire rooms without mom having to lift a finger. Give your mom the opportunity to lounge around while she rests assured knowing a robot is keeping the floors of her home clean.



Moms definitely deserve to be pampered. Why not book a session at the spa for your mother to celebrate her this Mother’s Day? This may not seem like a practical gift, but truly, this is a guaranteed way to help her relieve stress and feel refreshed again. Ensure you pre-pay for everything she would possibly need and let her splurge some extra cash on products she might find fascinating. She won’t forget this in a long while.

Book a Massage or Spa Session for Mother

There you have it, a few simple yet great gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day. Shower your mother with affection and show her that you care. She deserves it and more!