We help secure and manage
what's most important to you.

Unprecedented access.

At Lockly our mission is to make every door safer and more secure by pioneering control, versatility, and access through our smart locks and management solutions. We know your home, rental, office, or business is important to you, that's why we deliver unmatched security and access control other smart lock brands simply cannot deliver. From our award winning smart locks featuring our patented PIN Genie technology and 3-D biometric fingerprint scanner, to Lockly\OS, our platform for property management.

We are committed to keeping the bad guys out while providing unprecedented access to the right people, at the right time, on the right terms, that only YOU determine.


With Lockly

  • Access management. Lockly\OS™, is designed from the ground up to seamlessly work with all of our smart locks.
  • Futureproof. We design, manufacture, and support the products and software we sell.
  • Industry first. World's First Secure Digital Touch Screen and Smart Lock + Integrated HD Video Doorbell.
  • Unprecedented third-party validation. CES Innovation Award Honoree (2019-2021), Wall Street Journal, The Verge, Digital Trends, Business Insider, and more. Plus, hundreds of trusted influencers.

Why Lockly?


Hardware and software designed all by Lockly from the ground up to work seamlessly together.


Broadest product line, modern, robust, forward thinking designs, industry leading technology.


We design and manufacture everything we sell. If it works today, it will work tomorrow.

Nimble Partner

Global company with a startup mentality, able to work with customers on specific access solution needs.