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"Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2020 Award Winners"

"Our Favorite Gadgets: Best Tech Gifts 2019"

"Lockly’s new Vision smart lock lets you see who’s at your front door"

"best new smart home gadgets we saw at CES 2020"

  • Digital Trends  
  • Wall Street Journal  
  • The Gadgeteer
  • Business Insider

"Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2020 Award Winners"

"Our Favorite Gadgets: Best Tech Gifts 2019"

"Lockly’s new Vision smart lock lets you see who’s at your front door"

"best new smart home gadgets we saw at CES 2020"


Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2020 Award Winners
“There are plenty of smart locks to choose from, but there’s nothing quite as feature-rich as the Lockly Vision…”

--John Velasco 

Digital Trends

The best smart locks of CES 2020: Lockly, August, Kwikset, and more

“This year, the smart lock that really stood out was the Lockly Vision. The $400 lock features an integrated doorbell and an HD camera that allows for two-way talk. The Vision also provides its homeowners with ample versatility. You can unlock the door five different ways, including via a fingerprint scan, a digital key, a code, or an app. On top of all that, the lock can alert you in real-time if it’s being tampered with.”

--Alina Bradford

Digital Trends

Lockly: Security and Surveillance Product of the Year 


Lockly Vision is a smart lock with an integrated video doorbell 

“This smart lock has a built-in HD video doorbell. Users can watch the video in real-time on their phone using the Lockly app, or they can save the videos locally or in the cloud. The lock also provides two-way communication. When someone comes to the door you can talk with them using the app, no matter if you’re home or not.  …Maybe one of the best features of the Lockly Vision is that it can be installed with tools you probably already have in around 15 minutes.”

The 10 best new smart home gadgets we saw at CES 2020

“The Lockly Vision is a smart lock and video doorbell in one, and I think it's a brilliant combination.”  

--Monica Chin 

Business Insider

Coolest iPhone Tech at CES 2020


Lockly’s new Vision smart lock lets you see who’s at your front door

“It’s a great smart lock that’s easy to install and is loaded with features. I loved everything about it, and 8-months later, my feelings haven’t changed. At this year’s CES Lockly showed off their newest smart lock, the Lockly Vision. As you can probably gather by the name, the Vision has a built-in video doorbell. Lockly took all the great smart lock features and technology of the Secure Pro and added the convenience and security of a video doorbell.” 

--Michael Strange

Best smart home products at CES 2020

“Lockly Vision is a smart lock with everything and can be fitted on your front door. The smart lock is accompanied by a number of features such as fingerprint scanner, Google Assistant or Alexa support, or manual numeric code. You can choose whatever suits you the best, when someone approaches the door you will get a notification via the Lockly app and the footage is recorded in HD quality.”

The smart home battle at CES 2020

“Lockly’s new smart locks adds a built-in video doorbell, so you can see real-time video of your porch in the Lockly app, and save videos locally to the cloud. You can also take advantage of the two-way talk feature to speak to your guests via the app whether you’re sitting on your couch, or you’re away from home.”

Best CES 2020 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets


スマートロックにインターフォンが合体。全部入りのスマートロック「Lockly Vision」 #CES2020


Lockly Vision: la serrure intelligente avec tout


Lockly Vision, una cerradura inteligente con timbre y vídeo cámara

This new smart lock avoids having to install two devices such as a smart lock and also a smart doorbell with all the features, since it comes all in one product.

--Hector Russo 

CES 2020 Showed Us the Path to a Better Future

“Lockly told me that this security feature was mandatory (it was not for Ring cameras until after recent reporting on its security failures). The company provides the option for storing video in the cloud, but by default their cameras store video locally on an SD card, where it’s less likely to be accessed by hackers.”

--Eric Ravenscraft

The Last Gadget Standing CES2020


Lockly Smart Lock

“This smart lock has a built-in HD video doorbell, two-way communication, and many more features.”

The Best Smart Home Tech of CES 2020

“Lockly is known for its high tech smart locks that have advanced features like fingerprint sensor technology, a touchscreen keypad that moves the numbers for added security, app control, voice control, and temporary codes for guest access.”

The Best Smart Home Tech Of CES 2020

“Lockly’s Vision Smart Lock on exhibition at CES 2020 has all of the above features along with added functions like video doorbell, which live stream videos of the porch to the accompanying smartphone app; and the two-way talk feature will allow for conversation with guests via the app.”

--Aadhya Khatri

Best of CES 2020: New Tech You’ll Actually Use


The Best Smart Home Products at CES 2020

“Lockly Vision: The smart lock with everything.”

-C. Scott Brown

Media Reviews

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Digital Trends: The Best Smart Lock for Airbnb: Lockly Secure Pro
Digital Trends picked Lockly Secure the Best Smart Lock for Airbnb. To quote @Erika_TiN, “Seriously, this is the Swiss Army Knife of smart locks because there are so many features built into it and it’s one of the most advanced. From its fingerprint sensor, dynamic touchscreen keypad, and ability to unlock/lock using Alexa or Google Assistant, this is the absolute best smart lock for Airbnb hosts.” Read and find out why they picked the Lockly Secure Pro.

The Wall Street Journal: Our Favorite Gadgets: Best Tech Gifts 2019 
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We are grateful to be selected as the ONLY smart lock featured in this year's Best Tech Gifts on @wsj Wall Street Journal Newspaper! It is such an honor for us at Lockly! We wish all of our customers, employees and family members a joyous holiday season!

The Men's Book: Lockly Secure Pro Takes Tough Home Security Online
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Review Geek: Lockly Secure Pro Brings a Fingerprint Reader to Your Smart Lock  
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TwitterThank you @canterrain from @ReviewGeek on your thoughts regarding our product! If you're a Google Home user, you'll love what he had to say about the Secure Pro and its unmatched capabilities when it comes to accessing your home. 

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The Better KC Show : Play it Safe
Tracy Hawkins, a Safety and Security Expert recommended a list of products to ensure weather safety for families. The first product she mentioned-- Lockly smart lock with its backup key and Offline Access features. Watch this segment of “The Better KC Show” on KCTV5 and find out.

Digital Trends: Lockly Secure Pro Biometric Smart Lock review 

Jumpstart Media: I, Robot
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Windows Central: Best Smart Locks 2019
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Best Spy-Resistant: Lockly Keyless Entry Lock

Tech-Savvy Home Business Owners Will Love 


Lockly Secure Pro Review: Five easy ways to access a smart lock

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