Smart Tips New Homeowners Need to Know

Smart Tips New Homeowners Need to Know

You have successfully negotiated the entire process of buying a house-the never-ending the search, negotiations, inspections, approval and closing and now you need to deal with another crucial aspect, and that is homeownership. Being a new homeowner is a huge step and a major life change so to help you deal with this new chapter in your life with ease, you can consider the following steps:

Start with a House File

Owning a house is linked to a lot of paperwork. You will need to keep up not just with the mortgage documents but with insurance policies, correspondence, receipts for renovations or repairs, service contracts, warranty for purchases and more. Before more other papers come in, you better designate stand up file box or file cabinet and create digital folders on your computer for all house related documents. You will also need a place to jot down reminders and notes as well as important dates which can serve as sort of running your home diary or planner.

Set Aside Money for Maintenance

Maintaining and replacing things in your new home will require money, and naturally, it will come from your own pockets. Financial experts suggest new homeowners set aside from 1-4 % of home‘s value every year for maintenance.  If you have savings, you will have a sufficient amount to cover for emergency plumbing, repainting services, reroofing and more.

Money Jar

Replace Locks

Chances are, there are home keys left on the hands of previous owners or their family and friends. There might even be keys hidden somewhere. One of the crucial things that homeowners should do is to replace locks so you can have the confidence and ultimate peace of mind knowing that no one can ever access your home except you and your family.

Changing locks is easy, and it can even be DIY, but for reliable results, you can consider hiring a professional locksmith. Ensure that you have enough keys to be distributed to you trusted key holders.  Commit with a trusted company that can offer you with reliable passcode controlled and high-security locks so that you will be able to lock or unlock your doors regardless of your location using your smartphone app.

Keep Inspecting

The initial phase of getting to know your own home is just the start. There are various household components that require regular inspection and maintenance at least once every year. These include the water heater, the roof, the furnace or HVAC system, plumbing and more.

Contractors Repairing Damage After a Storm

With great freedom of owning your new home also come the great responsibilities. You need to manage your finances and well and keep your home well-maintained and secure. You also need to protect your valuable investments and keep your entire family safe.  Do not let your excitement and joy of being a new homeowner lead you to wrong decisions and oversight that will somewhat jeopardize your physical and financial security. Remember all these smart tips to ensure that you will have a happy and safe life ahead.