Smart Locks with Security Camera Benefits

A smart lock with a video camera doesn't just secure your property; it also serves as your virtual eye. While it comes with a higher price than most locks, the benefits are well worth the price. The following are the benefits of a camera-equipped smart lock you can get from Lockly:

Leveled up security

WiFi smart lock for homes keep unauthorized access at bay. Pair with a built-in security camera, and you have a modern security device. You can now control access to your home and see who actually enters.

Such a feature allows you to stop unauthorized access in case someone sends the passcode to other people.

Capturing burglars

An electronic door lock will help keep burglars away. Aside from protecting your home, the built-in camera will let you identify who tried to break into your property. You can send this footage to the authorities to capture the burglar. This will prevent further attempts.

Programmable access

Unlike mechanical locks, smart locks are programmable. You can set temporary codes to give access to guests and delivery personnel without your knowledge.

For higher security, you can program fingerprints for those allowed to enter your property.

This programmable feature saves you time from having your locks rekeyed or replaced. If you want to remove someone’s access, you simply change the passcode or remove their registered fingerprint.

Added peace of mind

The best smart locks for homes with security cameras give you peace of mind, which you can't put a price on.

Even if you’re away, you can peek at your front door to see who’s there or what’s happening. Here at Lockly, we offer all these benefits with our sophisticated line of smart locks. 

wifi smart lock for homes

How to choose the top smart lock with camera

Consider the resolution

When buying a smart lock with a camera, you should check the resolution. Here at Lockly, we have smart locks with HD cameras so you can monitor your home easily. This will let you identify people at a considerable distance from your lock.

Check access modes

The smart lock should give a variety of access modes. Keypad access is the most common, which allows you to set up temporary codes for guests and friends.

You can also utilize biometric access by programming fingerprints of those you want to grant access. This prevents unauthorized access in case someone spreads your access code.

Look for a backup feature

If your smart lock’s battery runs out of power, there should be a way for you to access your home.

Here at Lockly, we provide a special mechanical key to override your lock in case of power outages. We ensure that your locks are functional in different ways.

Prioritize accuracy

When it comes to a smart lock with a video camera, accuracy is paramount. The lock should deliver a foolproof function every time someone tries to access it.

The accuracy of your lock is synonymous with the security level of your property. Here at Lockly, we will give you peace of mind with our tested smart locks that protect for years.