Cute and Chic Decorating Ideas for Easter

The Easter holiday is fast approaching and people are getting ready for the celebration of the Spring month through a floral and pastel display. If you’re entertaining guests for Easter brunch, then you are definitely looking to make your home more attractive with the use of different types of decorations. If you’re not sure how to decorate, the following cute and chic decorating ideas for Easter will help you.

With this article, you will learn on how to make your table festive with painted eggshells and bunny napkins and to make an egg-centric dessert tray or bring Spring with a floral cake. This article will give you all the ideas that you need to make your house ready for the upcoming Easter holiday. Want to know more about it? Keep on reading!

The Most Classic Easter Decorating Trick: Painting Eggshells

Easter has a lot of traditions, such as Easter brunch and the Easter egg hunt, and painting eggshells to decorate for Easter is definitely a fun one that the whole family can enjoy. This year, consider some new coloring techniques, such as marbling and checkered eggs. To create a marble effect, use shaving cream (or whipped cream if you plan to eat the eggs) and make a pattern using food coloring. Roll the egg in the cream and let dry. To create checkered eggs, use graphic tape to tape off sections. You can create many different types of design with this method.

Painting Eggshells for Easter

Make A Nest of Chocolate Candy Eggs, and Other Easter-themed Sweets

Easter is also full of delicious pastel themed sweets. A chocolate candy egg nest will make a cute centerpiece that is also edible. This decorating tip is so easy, the kids can definitely help! To create a nest, tie a few branches together in a nest shape. Then, simply place chocolate candy eggs in the center and you’re done!

Nest of Chocolate Candy Eggs

Fold Napkins into Bunny Shapes for the Table

Bunny shaped napkins for your table will make your table look so cute and your guests and family members will love it. Making a bunny shaped napkins is very easy. You can make it in just six easy steps. First, you need to fold the napkin into three to form a rectangular shape. Second, crease half of the napkin and make a line in the center. This will serve as your guide. Third, fold the napkin up from the corners in the bottom. Forth, you can now combine the right and left edges on the center. Fifth, make the bottom of the napkin turn up and flip it over and upside down. And lastly, you can now fold the right and left corners to tighten your bunny. Pull the ears of your napkin bunny and open the base up.

Napkins Bunny Shape for Table

Instead of Just Flowers, Add a Floral Cake

Easter and Spring are synonymous and so flowers are a must to decorate your home. This year, for Easter brunch, consider making or buying a floral cake for dessert. The beautiful cake will be the perfect finish to a lovely meal. You can also display it on a cake stand before eating it. A flower cake will not only an attractive decorative piece in your home but also fulfill your craving for sweet foods. This is also a great solution for people who are sensitive to floral pollen and have allergies to real flowers.

Green Floral Cake