Choosing The Right Vacuum For Your Home

Kids are naughty, they are playful, they are clumsy in a fun way. Sometimes, they play with their food and spill it on the floor or carpet. After a long playing day in the backyard, they also tend to forget to wipe off their feet. All the mud and dirt will get stuck on the floor and couch.

Pets can also be a headache. Their fur can be a big dilemma but nothing can beat their dirty paws. This is especially true when your pets get out of the room and plays in the mud. While you’re so preoccupied doing chores, the big mess spreads on the floor and other pieces of furniture. Yes, it’s too late and getting mad can’t help.

Father Cleaning the Floor While Carrying his Daughter

What can you do when you love them both so much? Worry no more! A vacuum cleaner was specially manufactured for that complex job. For an inefficient equipment, it’s the perfect time to replace it with a new one. How? In this guide, you’ll buy the right stuff like a pro. Take a look:

Types of Vacuums

  • Canister Vacuum. For hard surfaces and carpeted areas, canister vacuums are the best. Its suction hose is amazing enough to pick up dirt and dust in real time. Most brands feature a retractable cord for convenient maneuvering and easy operation.

Cleaning the Room's Carpet with Vacuum

  • Upright Vacuum. Dirty, large carpeted areas? Upright vacuum is good to go. It is packed with a beater brush that loosens and gets rid of dirt through suction. Most products are rich with onboard attachments, promoting flexible and comfortable use. There are designs with bags to capture other debris. Some even feature height adjustments that allow you to clean hardwood floors and carpet in a snap.
  • Handheld Vacuum. This is best for cleaning areas that are too small for upright vacuum. Its cordless and portable designs make them perfect for curtains, upholstery, and stairs too. Plus, it is the ideal quick solution for cleaning up small messes daily.
  • Stick Vacuum. Typically used for fast cleanup areas, stick vacuums are more heavy duty than handheld vaccums but so much lighter than traditional upright vacuums. This makes cleaning up quick and easy, without being tiring. Most brands have a dirt cup to collect debris and dust.
  • Pet Vacuum. Pet vaccums are specifically designed for collecting pet hair and fur. They have special brushs that pick up hair and fur off your floors when just suction won’t cut it. Within an hour of cleaning, it can help you minimize pet odors. These vaccums are also specifically designed to help you minimize pet dander and other allergens brought indoors by your pet.
  • Robot Vacuum. Another trend on the industry is the robot vacuum. You don’t need to hold it throughout the process. Simply set up the sensor boundaries, choose the settings, then, let the equipment clean the floors for you. As a compact and cordless solution, this vacuum clean with consistency and precision. While expecting a 100% dirt-free floor, you can save time. Robot vaccums are perfect for daily cleaning because they require little to no effort on your part!

Baby on a Wood Floor Reaching for a Robot Vacuum

  • Deep Cleaner. Unlike the other options, this vacuum uses warm water for effective carpet treatment and stubborn spot removal. There is no need to use a mop to bring back the shine, pleasant smell, and comfort of your home. With a click of a button, everything becomes stress-free and convenient. A deep clean is recommended at least once a year, but not necessarily weekly or monthly.